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            Hongkong Wing On Metal Co.,Ltd,established in 1960,has been developing for nearly half a century,and become a professional supplier in the lifting field with its rich experience.It mainly deals with wire ropes,lifting gears,synthetic fiber ropes,polyester tie down sets and all kinds of riggings on hand.Its business network covers many docks,container yards,shipping industry and building industry in Hongkong,and is extending to the market in the country.With its good reputation,high quality service and soid strength,Wing On Metal has got the agent rights of many famous-brand wire ropes and lifting tools.The company will hold on to the principle of "Good Quality,High Prestige",and try to supply our customers with the best services and the most suitable products.
          The branch of Hong kong Wing On Metal Co.,Ltd in China's mainland,Guangzhou First Century Trading Co.,Ltd,was established in Guangzhou in 2005 .Guangzhou First Century will stick to the managing principle of Wing On Metal,and supply wire ropes,synthetic fiber ropes,polyester tie down sets and all kinds of riggings with good quality to the docks,freight yards,shipping industry,building industry and mining industry in the country.Through this catalogue,we would like to give the information on the specialized products such as wire ropes,and try to help our customers choose the safest and the most suitable products with the best prices.
          We hope that our products and services will gain your approval.

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